Washington State Patient Action Alert

By Miguel “Miggy420”
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When the only market was medical marijuana in Washington State, it was both the truest form of a free market and the best. Yes, there was no real regulation for the medical connotation of the market but the regulation we have now really does nothing to protect the consumer, it just throws money at fear mongering and misguided rules.

I’ve previously given a voice to activist John Kingsbury, who is one of the many trying to fight and restore the ability for homegrows and patients rights. Below is a message from John to Washington State Patients as they prepare new arguments and litigation for the coming year and every year until medical is restored.

“If you are a Washington State patient or designated provider, and if you have submitted an application to the LCB at any time to form a patient cooperative, per RCW 69.51A.250, John Kingsbury wants to hear from you, regardless of the status of your application, even if your application has been withdrawn. Please contact him at ajkingsbury@hotmail.com If you have not submitted an application, but know of someone who has, please ask him or her to contact John Kingsbury at the email address above. Privacy is assured. Thank you.”

And if you haven’t, please check out the People For Medical Cannabis and 420Leaks as they fight for the sick consumers of cannabis.

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