Vaping: It’s Not Just for Tobacco

By Jenny Bloom
Washington Cannabis Connection


Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, although it still isn’t the mainstream way of consuming tobacco or marijuana. However, there has been plenty of exponential growth in the industry, going from $1.7 billion to $3.5 billion over the course of two years. By the end of 2017, it will likely get up to a whopping $5 billion. In short, vaping is big these days. But what exactly does vaping mean, and why do people do it?

What is vaping?

“To vape means different things to different people. To vapers in states like Colorado and California, it’s a method of smoking weed that is generally considered safer, better, and more appropriate in public.” –

To put it overly simply (and not particularly helpfully), vaping is the process of using a vaporizer or e-cigarette. With it, a user inhales warm vapors instead of smoke, produced by the high heats created by the vaporizer.

Essentially, users are inhaling the heated liquid form of the product of their choice (marijuana, for example – making it e-liquid or vape juice) that is turned into a gas by the vaporizer and then inhaled by the user. With dry herb vaporizers, dried marijuana is heated slowly, rather than burned. In both cases, the inhaled vapors are usually thicker than regular weed smoke, but it is cleaner on the lungs over smoking.

Why do people vape?

Everyone has a different reason to vape, but several reasons are likely more common than the others. For some, it’s because they are much healthier than inhaling actual smoke into the lungs.

Some people collect vaporizers because they are interesting gadgets. There are all kinds of vaporizers available on the market, and these people often have all of them.

Some vape fans just like the smoothness of the hit and love trying out different vaping experiences. They often like to try new flavors (easy with a vaporizer), with different types of vape juice, and so on.

Others vape because it works for their medical needs, as it is a healthier alternative to smoking (for them as well as all the people around them). Medical users can choose from dry herb vaporizers or therapeutic oil vapes to help symptoms quickly go away.

And then others simply prefer vaping for the social and community aspect of it. Just like the group of smokers, vapers love to get together and vape together, sharing their stories about vaping and their favorites and least favorites. You can generally find other 420 vapers in online communities as well as throughout Washington state.

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Jenny Bloom

Jenny Bloom is a freelance writer that loves writing Sativa-inspired stories for the web. She also works full-time as the editor- in-chief for the I Love Growing Marijuana blog. When not gardening, Jenny enjoys hiking, yoga, and binge-watching Netflix.